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Robbery is considered a violent criminal charge and is penalized severely in most states. But many states have particularly harsh laws in place to punish those convicted of this offense. New Jersey is one such state. If you are accused of robbery in New Jersey, you face the potential for many years behind bars.

A robbery charge isn’t just another theft charge. Robbery is different in that it includes an aspect of violence or even the threat of violence. It’s because of this that cops, prosecutors, and judges are particularly hard on robbery defendants.

Depending on the evidence against you, the prosecutor could be seeking the maximum allowable sentence, leaving you in prison for a decade or longer. A local criminal defense lawyer may be able to help.

New Jersey Robbery Laws & Penalties

Robbery is defined as inflicting harm or force on another, or threatening harm or force in the commission of a theft. If you scare someone into giving up their property, you could be charged with robbery.

In New Jersey, there are two different robbery classifications: first-degree and second-degree.

First degree robbery refers to cases where you are armed at the time of the act or if you inflict or attempt to inflict serious bodily harm. A very serious charge, a conviction of first-degree robbery carries a potential 10 to 20 years in prison.

Second degree robbery applies to all other robbery cases and carries a 5 to 10 year prison sentence.


Carjacking is considered a type of robbery. You could be facing this charge if you take someone’s vehicle through violence or the threat of violence. This crime is classified as a first degree offense and carries up to 30 years in prison. Carjacking also carries a mandatory minimum sentence of at least 5 years.

This means you will serve no less than 5 years if convicted of a robbery charge in the state of New Jersey.

Charges like robbery and carjacking are serious. They are violent felonies and the stakes are high. Not only are you up against prison time, but having a violent felony record can impact your ability to get a job and even find a place to live.

While no defense lawyer should guarantee results, they can offer to tirelessly defend your best interests in court. If you are facing charges like these, let us put you in touch with a local New Jersey attorney today.

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